Adam Zero crossover

The second chapter of the Adam Zero online comic strip, Gladiator, is complete!

The strip is written by Adam Zero writer and creator Marc Fletcher, and features art by Evan Quiring and colours by myself, Donovan Yaciuk! And for fans of Spacepig Hamadeus, this chapter featured the first crossover with everyone’s favourite adventuresome pig!

Evan Quiring is no stranger to drawing Hammy, as his work graced the cover to Spacepig Hamadeus and the Ambush at the Hourglass Sea! He brings his energetic art style to this chapter of Adam Zero! Here’s a shot of his rough pencils, side by side with the finished ink and colour drawing!


It has been an absolute blast to lend my character and colouring skills to this chapter of Marc Fletcher’s epic space adventure. Here’s hoping the same team can reunite to make the next chapter as exciting as this one!

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