Brought to you by the letter…

Lettering is a very tricky art in that it needs to be transparent. With the exception of loud, booming sound effects, you should never really notice it. The only time you should ever realize that you are reading words on a page is when the lettering is done poorly. Either it is too big, too small, has too much space (kerning) between the letters, or having word balloons too big for the amount of words they’re containing.

Some people think you can just pull up a chair to your keyboard, type in your script, add some balloons, and BAM!, you’re lettering is done!

These same people probably think houses are built by throwing a bunch of boards and shingles on to a pile of nails.

Well, I’ve just lined up my old friend and colleague, Bryan Senka, to handle the lettering chores on this book!

Bryan has done a lot of lettering work in the decade I’ve known him, for nearly every big name publisher on the planet!

I just took a look at some recent samples he’s sent me. I’ve no doubt in my mind that the first SpacePig Hamadeus issue is going to look top notch!!!

I’m really quite lucky to know so many professionals in this business!

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