Doctor Who’s SpacePig

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the recent Doctor Who series that debuted a few years back, and with a bit of spare time on my hands during the Christmas break, I decided to check out a few episodes.

What should have been a relaxing afternoon of television turned into a full blown panic attack!

Minutes into the episode titled “Aliens of London”, what zips across the screen but a walking pig in a spacesuit, with a striking similarity to Hamadeus!

Doctor Who Spacepig

My heart sank a little, to see a character with so many similarities to what I’m pouring all my creative energy into. Granted, the Doctor Who SpacePig is an exceedingly minor, incidental character, appearing in only 2 episodes of the show or it’s spinoffs (thanks, wikipedia!), but it’s still came as a bit of a shock!

A quick google search of the term SpacePig also brings up a video game for the iPhone, so I’m not too worried about being accused of ripping someone else’s character off.

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