Origins of the first page, part 1 – The script and art!

One of the things that excites me the most about this book is the chance I get to work with Mike Parkinson! Mike hails from Australia, and like myself does colour reconstruction on the Marvel Masterworks line of hardcover books, and is the writer and artist of the successful web comic Year One.

I love Mike’s style! One of the hallmarks of a great cartoonist is the ability to tell a story through a character’s body language and facial expressions. Mike excels in this area – in EVERY piece of concept art he has sent me (and I’ll post some of them here in the weeks to come), the characters literally leap off the page!

I’m very lucky to have convinced him to come on board this project!

A few weeks ago, he sent me the artwork for the first page, which I’ve posted below! The script for this page is as follows:

1/ Full page splash.  SpacePig Hamadeus’ Rocket ship has crash landed on Mars. Dizzy and stunned, he climbs up out of the wreckage.  He should be wearing his space suit, and will probably look a little roughed up and worse for wear. In the bits of rubble in front of him is a communication device, playing a message.  In the background, perhaps there is a slight glimpse of a large lake or ocean. 

TITLE: SpacePig Hamadeus and the Captive Planet!
CREDITS: Donovan Yaciuk – Writer and Colourist | Mike Parkinson – Artist | Bryan Senka – Letters
CAPTION: Near the shores of the Hourglass Sea. Syrtis Major, Planet Mars.
CAPTION: It begins with a crash.
SPACEPIG HAMADEUS: Uhhh…  What..  Where… 
COMMUNICATION DEVICE: Hamadeus, my dear friend…

Captive Planet by Mike Parkinson

I’m already laying out a colour scheme, and as soon as it’s done, I’ll post the results. I plan to show this page from it’s origins to completion! From script, to art, to colour, to lettering!

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