Praise for RA Comics Direct

The last two printings of my all-ages Spacepig Hamadeus comic books were printed by
RA Comics Direct out of Elk Grove, California. I’m absolutely stunned by the quality of printing, customer service and delivery speed that they provide, and have to take some time and space on this site to rave about them.

The previous printer I’d used, (who shall remain unnamed) never returned calls, took 6 weeks to ship to Canada, and NEVER followed through with a promise to place Spacepig Hamadeus on their online estore.

I thought that was just par for the course for companies that print for self-publishers like myself. But my friends Brian and Ronda at RSquared Studios had recently had a positive experience with RA Comics Direct, so I decided to give them a shot.

The positives:

  • I cold called RA Comics Direct, and the guy who answered to phone gave me all the time in the world, and answered all my questions with ease.
  • I submitted my file for printing on a Monday morning. By Monday afternoon, I got a proof for review in my inbox.
  • I approved the proof that night via email. Within minutes of sending my email late Monday evening, I got a personal response from Jim Anderson in sales telling me what to expect next. Do these guys ever sleep?
  • Tuesday afternoon, I got notice that my books shipped. Less than 48 hour turnaround time. Phenomenal.
  • A tracking number on the package – I knew exactly when to expect my package, and where it was every day in between shipping and delivery.

The cons:

  • The only con I can think of is that I can’t put out new issues of my book fast enough to give these guys more business.

If you’re a self publisher and you’re not already giving these guys your business, what are you waiting for? RA Comics is going to make your life infinitely easier.

Highly recommended.


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