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“Bot With No Designate” Speed Colouring

I’m excited to announce that writer Chadwick Ginther and artist Nyco Rudolph will be contributing a back-up story in this fall’s double sized Spacepig Hamadeus and the Captive Planet! Watch Donovan Yaciuk colour a panel of the main character, the Bot With No Designate!

Gold Key homage cover

turokI’m a huge fan of many of the paintings by George Wilson that graced the covers of the 1960’s Gold Key Comics. Most times the covers were the best things about the entire issue, and considering the stable of artists who worked on the interiors of these books (like Russ Manning!), that is saying something.

Classic trademarks of the Gold Key covers included their recognizable logo, a simple and bold text logo, and a classic tagline that enticed you with the plot contained therein.

Spacepig Hamadeus and the Captive Planet is continuing it’s slow crawl to the finish line! When this issue gets it’s release, it’s going to have a limited edition variant cover.  And you guessed it – it’s going to be an homage to the classic Gold Key line of comics.

Painted by the always awesome Mike Kelleher at Kellustration, this cover is going to have a limited edition release next year!  I’m so pleased with what he pulled off, we’re already in talks for him to do another.  Ideally, I’d like to offer one Gold Key variant for every Spacepig book that ever gets published!

Feast your eyes on this beauty!



…with letters by Rick Parker!

86 Issues of the Amazing Spider-Man.

64 issues of Web of Spider-Man.

57 issues of the Spectacular Spider-Man.

18 Star Wars issues.

69 G.I. Joe comics.

With a grand total of approximately 1100 professional credits as a letterer in the industry, it is nearly impossible for a comic fan to have NEVER read a book that this man has worked on. So it is with great pleasure that I announce that the one and only Rick Parker is HAND LETTERING the Torguu the Tentacled Terror story appearing in the upcoming Spacepig Hamadeus and the Captive Planet!

Art by Ryan Howe!!!

rick-parker-01 rick-parker-02

Spacepig Hamadeus at the 2014 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo! (Table R04)

calgary_expo-2014Spacepig Hamadeus will be making a return to the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo on April 24-27, 2014!

Come and see us in Artist’s Alley at table R04!

My Jack Kirby inspired, 1950’s monster comic cover of Torguu the Tentacled Terror is being featured in this year’s Calgary Expo Artbook! Bring your copy by for a signing! I’ll be posting an image of the art piece on this site on April 23rd!

And just like last year, I’ll be located right next to my buddy Justin Shauf, who handled the art duties on Dillo Dhatta and the Scarlet Harvest.

I had a fantastic time at last year’s convention! Hope to see you all there!

To everyone who has purchased a copy of Spacepig Hamadeus…

sold-outI’m sold out. Again.

I’ve just sent off Spacepig Hamadeus Versus the Spectre General for a THIRD printing, and Spacepig Hamadeus and the Ambush at the Hourglass Sea for a FIFTH printing!

I never imagined I’d be getting this many copies of the book into people’s hands. When I first started putting these stories into print, I had figured my sales would mostly come from people that I knew. Four years later, I find that a surprising majority of the books have been picked up by complete strangers – people who have no connection to me on a personal level.

That’s incredible.

To my friends and family, I can’t show enough appreciation for your support. And to any stranger who has bought a copy of this book without knowing me personally… on behalf of myself and Shane Nitzsche (and the other artists who have helped tell these stories), our eternal thanks.

We’re just getting started, and have even more fun and adventure planned for the coming months – I do hope you’ll continue to join us!

Spacepig Hamadeus original art featured in the BLAM3 exhibit at Cre8ery Gallery And Studio

Some original Spacepig Hamades artwork is featured in the BLAM3 comic art exhibit at the Cre8ery Gallery And Studio.

Donovan Yaciuk, Justin Shauf and Evan Quiring are the Spacepig Hamadeus artists whose work is included in the exhibit.

Here’s a shot of some nicely framed work from the show!


The BLAM3 exhibit runs from October 25th to November 6th at the Cre8ery Gallery And Studio.

Cre8ery Gallery And Studio
125 Adelaide Street
Winnipeg, MB R3A 0W4
(204) 944-0809

Spacepig Hamadeus at the 2013 Central Canada Comic Con (TABLE A83!)

Spacepig Hamadeus books will be available at the 2013 Central Canada Comic Con from November 1-3! I’m at table A83! Check out the floor map below!

Here are some of the cool things you can pick up;

  • A signed and numbered, limited edition Central Canada Comic Con exclusive print drawn by Justin Shauf and coloured by Donovan Yaciuk!
  • Spacepig Hamadeus and the Ambush at the Hourglass Sea (3rd printing), featuring a brand new cover and 12 pages of additional content, including the Spacepig Hamadeus Encyclopedia, all drawn by Shane Nitzsche!
  • Spacepig Hamadeus versus the Spectre General, featuring three stories drawn by Evan Quiring, Justin Shauf, and Shane Nitzsche!
  • Spacepig Hamadeus trading cards!
  • Posters, including a fantastic piece featuring Tentaclor and the Intergalactic Crime League!


Spacepig Hamadeus in Adam Zero Chapter 3

Spacepig Hamadeus will be guest-starring in MJ Fletcher’s sci-fi/action webcomic Adam Zero! The strip will be drawn by Dillo Dhatta and the Scarlet Harvest artist Justin Shauf, and coloured by Spacepig creator Donovan Yaciuk!

Here’s a sneak peek at a panel from an upcoming installment, featuring our intrepid hero in heated battle with Trident of Neptune 2!


FOURTH PRINTING! Spacepig Hamadeus and the Ambush at the Hourglass Sea!

We recently went back to press for a third printing of Spacepig Hamadeus and the Ambush at the Hourglass Sea. The book, which features new content not available in previous editions, went on sale at the 2013 Calgary Expo, and I’m proud to announce that two months later this third printing has completely sold out!

Fear not! For those who do not yet have a copy, we’ve gone back to press for a FOURTH printing, and that box arrived in the mail today!


CBC Radio Appearance

I’m honoured to be asked to be interviewed on The Weekend Morning Show with Ismaila Alfa on CBC Radio tomorrow morning! I’ll be appearing from around 8:45-9:00 AM CST.

I’ll be chatting about Free Comic Book Day, my colouring career, and naturally, Spacepig Hamadeus!

You can listen online from the CBC audio player.


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