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Tremb’axx Concept Art

It was nearly impossible for me to spend a few months writing a script and creating characters without getting an idea in my head of what they looked like. And while Mike Parkinson is going to be illustrating this book and take on it’s visual look, it only makes sense that I should at least communicate to him what’s in my head! (more…)

Brought to you by the letter…

Lettering is a very tricky art in that it needs to be transparent. With the exception of loud, booming sound effects, you should never really notice it. The only time you should ever realize that you are reading words on a page is when the lettering is done poorly. Either it is too big, too small, has too much space (kerning) between the letters, or having word balloons too big for the amount of words they’re containing. (more…)

Doctor Who’s SpacePig

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the recent Doctor Who series that debuted a few years back, and with a bit of spare time on my hands during the Christmas break, I decided to check out a few episodes.

What should have been a relaxing afternoon of television turned into a full blown panic attack! (more…)

The Captive Planet

I’ve settled on a title.

SpacePig Hamadeus and the Captive Planet!

I like it! It’s fun, and shares some of the same title structure of the old pulp film serials that inspired the names of the Indiana Jones films!

Self publishing your own book!

I attended the 2009 Central Canada Comic Con last weekend, and had a great time.

A LOT of friends and colleagues have started self publishing their own books, and I picked a few of them up. Great stuff! I have a tremendous amount of respect for those creative and brave enough to come up with a story, get it drawn, colored, lettered and printed. It’s a daunting task that takes a superhuman amount of dedication, talent and creativity, not to mention a bit of money! It’s been a challenge I’ve wanted to tackle for some time now!

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