Self publishing your own book!

I attended the 2009 Central Canada Comic Con last weekend, and had a great time.

A LOT of friends and colleagues have started self publishing their own books, and I picked a few of them up. Great stuff! I have a tremendous amount of respect for those creative and brave enough to come up with a story, get it drawn, colored, lettered and printed. It’s a daunting task that takes a superhuman amount of dedication, talent and creativity, not to mention a bit of money! It’s been a challenge I’ve wanted to tackle for some time now!

After being inspired by so many colleagues and friends who are on the same path, I’ve decided to take a leap into self publishing. I’m going to base my book on a comic I wrote, drew, and distributed around my neighborhood when I was 9 years old: SpacePig Hamadeus! More on that in the coming weeks!

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