Spacepig Hamadeus makes his debut at the 2011 Central Canada Comic Con!

Nearly two years to the day after deciding to make the jump into self publishing, Spacepig Hamadeus made his debut at the 2011 Central Canada Comic Con!

It was a fantastic weekend, and the book did way better than I’d expected! I sold nearly three times the number of copies I’d hoped for, and just under half of all the copies sold went to people I’d never met, or to parents with kids who were drawn in by the incredible banner made for me by the wonderful Jamie Derhak at DNA.


The book was a prequel to next year’s full length issue, Spacepig Hamadeus and the Captive Planet. Feeling bad about it’s brevity, I thought I’d add some incentive by printing up a 2011 C4 Sketch Variant, limited to 15 copies, and drew a quick, messy Hammy sketch on the front and back covers! The sketches ran the full gamut of art supplies, starting out with a blue line sketch, then a slightly cleaner 2B pencil line, followed by india ink applied with both a marker and a brush! Finally, I tried Copic Markers for the first time to give each cover a burst of colour! Thankfully, they were on sale half price by Artists Emporium right there at the con!

On the last day of the convention, my good buddy Big Marv Timog surprised me by showing up in a one of a kind, fan made Spacepig Hamadeus T-Shirt! What a great surprise! It was nice to have his support!

Marv Timog T-Shirt!

Finally, here’s a shot of me at the table, with my old friend Robin Kowal helping keep things in order! I had the full range of books, sketch variants and posters ready to go.


To everyone who stopped by my table, whether I knew you or not, whether you bought a copy or not, thank you! I had a great experience, and learned lots of valuable lessons that will help me when the next book is launched!

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