Spacepig Hamadeus/Adam Zero Team Up

ADAM-ZERO-1The first full length issue of Spacepig Hamadeus is still a few months away, but very shortly he’ll be making some appearances in the Adam Zero web comic!

The strip is written by Adam Zero writer and creator Marc Fletcher, and features art by Evan Quiring and colours by myself, Donovan Yaciuk! Evan Quiring is no stranger to Hammy, as his work graced the cover to Spacepig Hamadeus and the Ambush at the Hourglass Sea!

Evan has graciously allowed me to post a scan of his rough pencils for the strip, showing Hamadeus in action. Seeing his work makes me envious. He’s got a great, fluid command of anatomy. This chapter of the Adam Zero saga is going to be a classic!

Adam Zero is a fantastic indie comic, and I’m very honoured to have my character involved in this team up!

Here’s the preview banner I designed! I’ll announce the launch of the strip on this website, and if you haven’t yet liked Spacepig Hamadeus on Facebook, here’s a good reason to do so!

Click the banner below to read the latest installment of Adam Zero, the Last Man of Earth!


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