The hard part about writing a comic book…

I’ve always thought that the hardest part about being a writer would be coming up with great stories to tell.

Turns out I was wrong.

I’ve got no problem coming up with ideas, experiences, or worlds that would interest me to write about. I’m sure most people who aspire to write feel the same way!

The hard part is telling the story.

I’ve got all the dialogue written for SpacePig Hamadeus and the Captive Planet. I’m currently experiencing a case of writer’s block trying to get the pacing right, to figure out HOW I’m going to get this little adventure across! I’d originally only planned to do a twelve page story, and I thought it would only take me a month to write. Here I am, almost half a year later, and the book has ballooned into a full length 18 to 20 page opus with no end in sight!

In storytelling, it takes a small amount of work to get 95% of the way there.

That final 5%?

Here’s hoping the end is in sight!

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