To everyone who has purchased a copy of Spacepig Hamadeus…

sold-outI’m sold out. Again.

I’ve just sent off Spacepig Hamadeus Versus the Spectre General for a THIRD printing, and Spacepig Hamadeus and the Ambush at the Hourglass Sea for a FIFTH printing!

I never imagined I’d be getting this many copies of the book into people’s hands. When I first started putting these stories into print, I had figured my sales would mostly come from people that I knew. Four years later, I find that a surprising majority of the books have been picked up by complete strangers – people who have no connection to me on a personal level.

That’s incredible.

To my friends and family, I can’t show enough appreciation for your support. And to any stranger who has bought a copy of this book without knowing me personally… on behalf of myself and Shane Nitzsche (and the other artists who have helped tell these stories), our eternal thanks.

We’re just getting started, and have even more fun and adventure planned for the coming months – I do hope you’ll continue to join us!

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