Torguu, the Tentacled Terror!

I just got back from a lunch meeting with Wil Glass, who I’ve asked to lend his artistic talents to the short sub-story that is going to be in the back of the book, titled Torguu, the Tentacled Terror!

Torguu, the Tentalcled Terror

Wil hit the target with this sketch! As I’m finishing up writing the parts of the book that feature Torguu, I realize I’ve only got a vague concept of what this character should look like, but if asked to draw it, I wouldn’ t have an idea as to where to start. Looking at the sketches Wil did above, it feels like he just reached into my imagination and pulled out what was in there, and then somehow improved upon it.

The look is perfect, and is better than I possibly could have imagined!

It’s exciting to see things falling into place!

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