Tremb’axx Concept Art

It was nearly impossible for me to spend a few months writing a script and creating characters without getting an idea in my head of what they looked like. And while Mike Parkinson is going to be illustrating this book and take on it’s visual look, it only makes sense that I should at least communicate to him what’s in my head!

Over the next couple of days, I’ll post some drawings from my sketchbook – rough concept art for Mike to use as a baseline! Let’s start with the villain – Tremb’axx!

The bad guy of the book! As the Conqueror of the Captive Planet, I want his costume to have a bit of a regal feel. He still wears a mean looking battle helmet, to remind anyone who doesn’t feel like being captive that he’s still got the strength and fight in him to crush any ideas of rebellion!!!

Tremb'axx Concept Art

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